Petitions for Placing Aaron Auer in the Voters Pamphlet

Mission Critical Rules!
If these rules are not followed the Petitions will be disqualified
Please follow the rules!

Download Petition Sheets for copying here.....

1. Attached is the approved signature sheet that must be used for gathering signatures, along with the statement/argument submitted.

2. Each petition must be circulated on 8-1/2" X 11" white paper and the statement/argument must be attached.

3. The statement/argument can either be copied on the back of the signature sheet or stapled behind the signature sheet. If you choose to staple the statement/argument behind the signature sheet, up to five signature sheets may be attached to one copy of the statement/argument.

4. The number of valid signatures required to place the statement/argument in the state voters' pamphlet is 500. 

5. The signatures must be from active registered voters in the applicable electoral district.

 6. The signatures must be verified and the completed petition must be filed with the Secretary of  State prior to 5PM, August 28, 2018.

7. Signatures must be verified by the Secretary of State, Elections Division. Signatures should be submitted for verification not later than the 10th business day before the filing deadline ľAugust 14, 2018. Mailing after August 8th will arrive too late.

8. The signatures will be verified prior to the filing deadline. If signatures are submitted for verification after this date, it is possible that verification cannot be completed prior the filing deadline and the appropriate fee ($3000) must be paid in order for the submission to be placed in the state voters' pamphlet.

Please review with your circulators legal prohibitions and guidelines before they begin to collect signatures.


Turning in the Petition Sheets choose Item 1 or 2:

1. Hold the Sheet(s) and call before August 8, for petition pick-up.
    CPO Chairman Jack Alan Brown, Jr., at 541-659-4313

2. Mail them before August 8, to:

    Jack Alan Brown, Jr.,
     1252 Redwood Ave, #68
     Grants Pass, OR 97527

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Elections Division at 503-986-1518.