The Constitution Party of Oregon

This is the official site of the Constitution Party of Oregon, a minor political party that provides ballot access to candidates at all levels of government in the state of Oregon.

How Can I Help?

Here are some of the many ways you can get involved:

National Party

The Constitution Party of Oregon is independent of the Constitution Party national committee and its affiliates. The national party has chosen a Presidential candidate; however, this does not obligate the CPO to nominate the same candidate.

Minor Parties

Minor parties, such as the Constitution Party of Oregon, are controlled first by Oregon law as administered by the Secretary of State, then by their bylaws, and then by Robert's Rules of Order (which dictate the procedures to be followed in organized meetings), just as the major political parties are. Minor parties have certain limitations but also enjoy certain freedoms the major parties do not.

The primary election is run by the party itself and not by the state. Every member of the CPO may attend the state convention, held the Saturday after the major parties' primary election in the month of May, and cast a vote in the primary. The candidates thus elected, according to state law, need not be member of the party. Instead, our aim is to select candidates of the highest character, without regard to party affiliation. Any candidate, to be elected, must first agree to honor the party's overarching principles: Honor God, Defend the Family, and Restore the Republic.


The Constitution Party of Oregon was formed August 26, 2000, following the lead of the national committee and other state parties, of various names, beginning with the Taxpayers Party founded by the late Howard Phillips in 1993. The CPO disaffiliated with the national committee in 2003 due to irreconcilable differences over our core principles.

In 2022, dissenters within the Party attempted to subvert the political process and to sidestep the election procedures delineated in the bylaws but the Secretary of State dismissed the proceedings, calling them frivolous.

In 2023, the same group registered as a corporate nonprofit using the name Constitution Party of Oregon but since a political party is not a nonprofit corporation, this is clearly yet another attempt to engineer a hostile takeover of the Party.

County Parties

There are currently no organized county parties. The state party currently provides ballot access for candidates at all levels, state, county, and local. Our goal in 2024 is to establish properly constituted parties in each county in the state.

County parties not only play a role in their local area but also form the basis for the State Central Committee. In the interim, the Steering Committee, which consists of chairs in the various counties, serves in lieu of the Central Committee.

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See Oregon Revised Statutes, section 248.