The Constitution Party of Oregon is independent of the national party and as such, in both the primary and general election, may nominate candidates who may differ from those national candidates chosen by other states.

All registered Constitution Party of Oregon voters who bring proof of registration to our statewide primary nominating convention, held the first Saturday in May that follows Oregon's primary election, at a place to be announced, may nominate candidates for any state, county, or local position, and vote to elect those candidates at the same meeting. There is no provision for voting except by attending the nominating convention.

Per state law, candidates need not be members of the Constitution Party of Oregon (but see below).


Those seeking nomination by the Party should:

  1. Plan to attend the convention on May 25, the Saturday after the state's primary election.
  2. Download the Constitution Party Pledge, indicating by your signature your promise to faithfully uphold the Party's three Principles, and return the signed and dated copy to the requisite county or state Party official prior to receiving the nomination.
  3. If registered as a candidate with another party between 12 March 2024 and 25 May 2024, per state law, the candidate must have won the primary in said party to be eligible for joint nomination by the Constitution Party.

A comprehensive suite of election tools to manage and/or produce press releases, create volunteer scripts, track contributions, create canvassing walking lists, generating planning documents, and generally produce the background work needed by a successful campaign is available to all those running at the state level and below

Our Principles

Principles & Purpose

The Party is pledged to defend the following three Principles, and other principles and platform planks consistent with them, and to nominate only candidates for public office and elect only party officers pledged to the same:

  1. The Creator God in heaven, made known to us through the Holy Scriptures, rules in the affairs of men and is the ultimate King, Lawgiver, and Judge of all mankind. He is to be honored and His Word is to be heeded if we expect to receive His blessing on the works of our hands individually or corporately;
  2. The Family is the first and highest civil institution designed by God to propagate, educate, and nurture human life. Both Church and State are to support and defend that institution; and,
  3. God has assigned the first priority of civil government to protect innocent human life from conception to natural death, to protect freedom of conscience, and to protect private property. This is best served by the Constitutional Republic which our Founders gave us and which we are committed to restore.

In view of the aforementioned principles, the purpose of the Party shall be to provide all Party members registered to vote in the State of Oregon with a vehicle to achieve three objectives:

  1. To create an opportunity to express political hopes and aspirations;
  2. To develop a consensus on the proper role and function of government based upon the American Heritage of individual rights and responsibilities under God;
  3. To effectively channel energy into political changes that satisfy those hopes and aspirations and reflect that consensus by electing candidates to public office, passing ballot measures, adopting resolutions, organizing boycotts, etc.

To learn more about Oregon elections...

See Oregon Revised Statutes, section 254.
Nominees for 2022
Jo Rae PerkinsUS Senator
Jim HowardUS House District 4
Larry McFarlandUS House District 6
Donice Noelle SmithOregon Governor
Kim RiceOregon Senate District 18
Ed RenfroeOregon House District 2
Morgan HinthorneOregon House District 44
Nominees for 2020
Michael MarshOregon Treasurer
Art RobinsonOregon Senate District 2
Nominees for 2018
Michael MarshUS House District 3
Art RobinsonUS House District 4
Aaron AuerOregon Governor
Ray BiggsOregon Senate District 16
Nominees for 2016
Jason YatesUS House District 1
Michael MarshUS House District 3
Art RobinsonUS House District 4
Bay BaldwinUS House District 5
Aaron AuerGovernor
Barbara GonzalezOregon House District 3
Bob EkstromOregon House District 16
Nominees for 2014
James LeuenbergerUS Senate
Jason YatesUS House District 1
James BuchalUS House District 3
Art RobinsonUS House District 4
Bay BaldwinUS House District 5
Aaron AuerOregon Governor
Barbara GonzalezOregon House District 3
Bob EkstromOregon House District 16
Michael MarshOregon House District 22