We The People

Refer to this page often for ideas on how you can stand up for Constitutional principles in your own area.
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To Enforce Election Integrity

The Constitution Party of Oregon asks all Party members to insist to their County Clerk that election results be hand counted by volunteers from the county. Download the Declaration of Independence from Voting Machines and submit the petition to your county officials. Contact Oregon People's Vote to learn more.


The legislative session for 2024 is over. Unless a special session is called by the governor, the next session, the biennial long session, will begin the first full week of February, 2025. The session ends less than 160 days later, about July/August 2025. While legislators are at work, attend the War Room at the Ike Box, a few blocks from the capitol, every Thursday from 8:00am to 3:00pm, to learn how to influence bills in the legislature and other vital roles, as taught by Jeff Kropf of the Oregon Citizen's Lobby.

Grassroots Advocacy

Taking Action at the grassroots level is the best way to effect change in our state and nation.

Sign petitions

Sign IP5 and IP6 for school choice at Let Them Learn Oregon.

Both petitions modify the Oregon constitution; the first allows a family to choose the public school their students may attend; the second directs state funds for schooling to the use of the family for private, religious, or homeschooling tuition and expenses.

Sign today, or print the forms and ask others to!

Contact Your Legislator

The Citizen Action Force website lists the bills needing the most input, in timely fashion. Check them out today and Act!

You can make a difference in our state! We urge to contact your legislators to express, in two or three minutes:

  1. What you want (for example, "I oppose SB1583");
  2. Your personal story as it relates to the bill;
  3. The Constitutional principle involved in choosing to vote a certain way;
  4. Your voting preference: "Please vote NO on SB1583."

You can find your districts using this link.

More details can be found in this article.

Right to Life

Roe v. Wade in Oregon

The right to life is sacrosanct. The Supreme Court recognized this in overturning Roe v. Wade after almost fifty years.

But the decision merely returned the right to regulate abortion to the states. Oregon's laws were more drastic than the federal laws, and it is therefore imperative that we focus our efforts on overturning Oregon's draconian laws, which allow abortion up to and even after the moment of birth.

Join with Others

If not already a member, join the Constitution Party to make a difference. Your registration brings us closer to our goal of becoming a major party, and a major influence, for true Constitutional values.

Plan to attend the CPO organizational meetings that take place the third Saturday of April! It is at this meeting where you can become a PCP and play an active role in the Party.

Also, all members of the Party are invited to the statewide nomination convention the last Saturday in May to nominate candidates and vote in the Constitution Party primary.


The Party recommends Western Liberty Network for training in the political process, so that We the People become better equipped to fight governmental tyranny and overreaching mandates, and generally be more effective in the political sphere.

Read Imprimis for the best conservative analysis.

External Links of Interest

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Movies in support of Constitutional issues: