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July 31, 2017
Jonathan Lockwood
Republicans to Gov. Kate Brown: Veto HB 3464!
20-time deported, criminal illegal alien, sex offender suspect released, federal funding jeopardized by Oregon's so-called "sanctuary state" status
SALEM, Ore.-Republicans are calling on Gov. Kate Brown to veto House Bill 3464, which would expand Oregon's so-called "sanctuary state" status.
Lawmakers are saying Oregon should reevaluate the state's policy direction considering reports that violent offenders are being let free coupled with Attorney General Jeff Sessions threats of defunding states who block federal immigration law enforcement from doing their job.
Law enforcement officials confirmed the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office released a criminal alien who allegedly sexually assaulted two women in Portland after an immigration detainer requested he be held for deportation.
The Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese asserted in an interview with Full Measure that turning over criminal aliens to the federal government, damages "community trust."
Despite evidence to the contrary, Reese claimed Oregon's "sanctuary state" policy "makes us all safer." Multnomah County receives about $60 million in federal grants according to The Oregonian.
Authorities arrested criminal illegal alien Sergio Jose Martinez, suspected of multiple violent attacks in Portland, including the sexual assault of a 65-year-old woman, in which he bound her hands and feet with scarves, and sexually assaulted her. Martinez broke into her home and then stole her car, Portland police said. Later that day, he antagonized a woman in a parking garage with a blade and threatened to kill her. Martinez is suspected of attempting to kidnap the woman as she left work. Martinez ran away police forcing them to go on a foot chase through the neighborhood until finally capturing him in a neighborhood apartment.
Martinez has been deported 20 times in addition to having an wide-ranging, vicious criminal past. "Defendant has entry/removal from [the] United States to/from Mexico 20 times with at least [five] probation violations from re-entry," KOIN 6, a CBS affiliate, reported from court documents filed in March 2017. He also has quite the rap sheet. Court records reveal Martinez has a vigorous criminal history that includes burglary, battery, and multiple deportations
"Under no circumstances should an alleged sex offending criminal illegal alien get off scot free from their heinous crimes," said Senate Minority Whip Dennis Linthicum, R-Klamath Falls. "This is why we have rules, laws and the legislature... these institutions protect people. Sanctuary states excuse lawless behavior and perpetuate criminal, rape and gang cultures. Every Oregonian should be outraged to see criminals let loose into the streets. Career Democrats shouldn't sacrifice Oregonians' safety on the altar of their extreme political agenda."
According to KOIN, Multnomah County, where Martinez has been lawlessly living, has issued 9 failure to appear warrants against Martinez since September 1986. Martinez reportedly uses a bunch of aliases like "Sergio Alberto Martinez," "Erick Acosta," "Smyley," and even "Poison."
"Oregon has a serious human trafficking and sex trafficking problem. We need to stop calling Oregon a sanctuary state because it's not a sanctuary at all," said state Sen. Kim Thatcher, R-Keizer. "We should be empowering law enforcement, not rapists and sex offenders. You have two choices, you either embrace the rule of law, or you embrace lawbreakers."
In a report that has national implications, almost half of the illegal aliens held in Oregon jails in May faced serious sex crime allegations. Of 969 illegals held in jail for that one month, 461 have been charged with sex crimes including rape.
"Signing into law House Bill 3464, will be considered an act of lawlessness by my constituents," said Thatcher. "House Bill 3464 aids and abets lawbreakers. It will censor Oregon state and local governments by restraining them from giving full cooperation to law enforcement when the suspect is not legally present." 
Oregon Democrats have a conflicting standard when it comes to exchanging immigration information with federal authorities. While passing legislation to block and deny federal law enforcement access to critical information that would help ensure public safety, they are simultaneously requesting information from the federal government about its enforcement activities in Oregon.
House Bill 3464 not only aims to silence public bodies from cooperating with the feds; it also contains a procedural tactic that curtails citizens from having a say on the issue. The bill was drafted as "emergency" legislation.
According to the Oregon Constitution, emergency clauses were supposed to be used for new laws that require immediate action for public peace, health and safety. 
With HB 3464's so-called "emergency" designation, the bill will take effect immediately and essentially denies voters their constitutional right of referenda. 
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