While we do not represent the Republican Party in all it's views, we do believe Donald J. Trump represented us far more than the socialist regime in office now. To all the Trump haters that claim he was the worst President ever we are adding this link to which they are happy to deny but cannot prove any of the individual items on the 49 pages are wrong.

Download pdf here - http:\\Constitutionpartyoregon.org/Trump-Administration-Accomplishments-01-15-21.pdf


We realize you are not stupid people for the most part, but after reading the PDF, are you wondering why you never heard of these things, or why what you did hear was so skewed that you didn't know the whole story.

Here is the answer and it is not that hard to understand. You listen to bias news. ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS come -on? Even Fox was to be watched with skepticism since the young Murdoch's took over.

Want some better news sources? I would recommend 'The Apple Rogue Times' but it is no longer available. However there are some, such as Epoch Times, News Max, One American News Network, and Gateway Pundit, but still while you want to keep an open mind, make sure it is not so far open your brains fall out.

As a disclaimer I must say what you have read is my opinion, and does not reflect the views or opinions of my otherwise sane and rational team mates here at the Constitution Party of Oregon website.

Rick Hake