Aug. 15, 2017
Jonathan Lockwood
Former abortion lobbyist Gov. Kate Brown signs into law Abortion Free for All
Bill forces Oregonians to fund late-term, sex-selective abortions
SALEM, Ore.-Former abortion lobbyist Gov. Kate Brown has enshrined into state law forced abortion funding, including for illegal aliens, even late-term and sex-selective abortions. 

State Sen. Kim Thatcher, R-Keizer, released the following statement:

"Oregonians will not stand by and abide by this type of unrestrained extremism by the one-party majority. This bill is out-of-mainstream and violates the consciences of many Oregonians."

Senate Minority Whip Dennis Linthicum, of Klamath Falls, added:

"There will be litigation over this critical issue. Oregonians have become outraged over and over this year with the tyranny of one-party rule. The fact our governor signed this bill into law means she will have to explain to our constituents why she is forcing them to pay against their will for abortions, even late-term and sex-selective abortions." 

Democrats' end-of-session infighting came to a screeching halt when they found unity in forcing through the Legislature the highly antagonistic abortion bill that received bipartisan opposition.
"Just as we did with the Oregon Equal Pay Act and many others, there are ways to work together to address our state's needs, but with this bill Democrats were unwilling to work together because they support forced taxpayer-funded abortion on demand," said Senate Republican Deputy Leader Tim Knopp, R-Bend upon the bill's passage.
House Bill 3391, which was hit with bipartisan opposition in the House of Representatives, but brought to the Senate Floor anyway, will force every Oregonian to fund abortions for free, for any reason, to anyone, at any time, whether they are here in the United States legally or illegally. Republican efforts to amend the bill to moderate the extremism were denied by every Democrat.
The bill passed the Senate on a party-line vote after a gripping debate.
Brown said when celebrating abortion "Day of Action," that she was "proud to say Oregon is the only state left with no restrictions." Brown has racked up multiple awards and campaign contributions from abortion pushers.
During the 2013-15 budget cycle one abortion retailer raked in over 20 million dollars from the state government alone. In the 2013-15 fiscal year some abortion clinics received from Public Health funds $16,069,026 and from the Oregon Health Plan approximately $11 million. These figures do not include the money the abortion retailer received from other sources during that budget cycle, like federal funds, donations, grants or profits.
Republicans did everything within their legislative power to slow down the process of the "abortion free for all" bill, House Bill 3391, so it could be crafted in a more thoughtful, respectful and bipartisan way.
"It breaks my heart to see the colleagues I respect, with whom I've worked and I love, reject working together on this bill," said Thatcher upon passage. "We should be protecting innocent life, and we should be protecting baby girls from being killed simply for being female. No one should be forced to pay for gendercide against their conscience."
Thatcher was unfairly criticized earlier this year by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and others for opposing late-term, sex-selective abortions. The ACLU's attack was covered in a report by Elizabeth Hayes with Portland Business Journal and can be viewed here.
Planned Parenthood in the past has bragged about "express centers" in shopping malls, that focused on branding and targeting specific demographics, and the abortion giant has been criticized for making more expensive basic reproductive health care for minorities and vulnerable people. One Planned Parenthood executive said he liked to think of the abortion giant as the "LensCrafters" of "family planning." There is of course a tremendous amount of other scandals, much more macabre than this as Planned Parenthood has been caught for things so disgusting many Republicans chose not to discuss it on-the-record.
Many pro-choice Republicans have even spoken out saying they typically don't side with the pro-life members of their own party but that this bill is "just that extreme." In the past, Republicans have agreed with many Democrats that expanding access to contraceptives has helped bring down the amount of abortions, and here in Oregon there has been a steady decline of abortions over the years as a result of bipartisan work by doctors in the Legislature, like moderate state Rep. Knute Buehler, R-Bend, and state Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, a Democrat from Portland who was the carrier of HB 3391 on the Floor today. However, Republicans argue, if HB 3391 isn't about an "abortion free for all program," then it should have further expanded access to reproductive health care and education instead of funding more abortion programs.
Many have questioned whether HB 3391 is really about health care or if it is more about politics. Senate Republicans sparked a flurry of national news coverage on the issue that included coverage of the fact a self-proclaimed "social justice" group APANO took to social media to deride Republicans for standing against sex-selective abortions. APANO said if one supports bans on subsidized sex-selection "that's racist." APANO says bans on sex-selective abortions "hurts" communities. APANO offered testimony in support of the bill as it moved through the Legislature and was just one of the many groups to urge lawmakers to pass the controversial bill.
Thatcher represents Keizer along with state Rep. Bill Post, who was also falsely accused of being a racist for opposing sex-selective abortions. Some left-wing groups, who have more of an interest in attacking Republicans, than protecting innocent baby girls from sex-selective abortions, claim that the opposition to sex-selective abortions is rooted in "racial stereotypes."
Thatcher added:
"This perpetual and false narrative that Republicans are racist really is absurd but saying someone is racist because they oppose being forced to fund pre-natal sex discrimination really takes it to a new, frightening level. Even the World Health Organization emphasizes the problem of sex-selective abortions is a harmful global issue and it is a serious impediment for gender equality."

Alveda King, niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., blasted Abortion Free for All as it provides free abortions for illegal aliens, calling it inherently racist and an incremental tool of eugenics. 

"The abortion lobby, the people who support abortions, try to mask it as a 'compassionate choice for women' and call it 'women's rights,' but it's just another way of eliminating undesirable members of any population," King said.

"Whether the Democrats admit that they would like to do that, they are making eugenics and genocide possible for illegal immigrants - so there is no real interest in their hearts for the lives of the immigrants," she continued.
Linthicum was disturbed with the answers he received to substantive, clear-eyed questions and for the seeming total disregard for a true conversation on the issue raised at the behest of the bill sponsors and carriers, during debate on the Floor.
"Why bring up this contentious issue if you don't want to have a conversation about what is going on in the sanctuary state of Oregon. We are both a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, and we are a sanctuary state for federally-illegal, taxpayer subsidized abortion. We should not be showering politically-well connected abortion clinics with political gift cards under the guise of 'equity,' that is totally discreditable," said Linthicum at the time.
Many unions and other special interest groups pushed for passage of the bill, which raised eyebrows to onlookers as it doesn't make any sense and no one can really explain why. These odd testimonies were featured as Floor letters during debate on the bill.

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